Our mission together with you is to create new ways to eat, drink, socialize and earn money.

So that everyone can profit from Restaurome and our hosts have various chances, our goal is to reach as many people as possible. That’s why Restaurome is of course also aimed towards companies, startups, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to provide themselves and their team with fresh, healthy and varied food on a daily basis.

True to our motto better, cheaper and closer you can also deliver your food to surrounding companies or cook in their kitchens for the employees. It doesn’t matter if you do it one or five days a week. There is a suitable solution for every scenario.

For example, it is conceivable that a company could be supplied by one host per weekday. This ensures planning security and certainty on both sides.

We are constantly looking for companies that want to be supplied by our hosts and do their teams a real favor.

All you have to do is become a host and offer your food and drinks at Restaurome.

We will arrange the contact and help you with the realisation.

Take advantage of the many opportunities and earn money with Restaurome.

Start now oder learn more.